Is ISO 37001 Certification Right for You?

For all either it is large or small, ISO 37001 can be used by any organization or whether it is in the public, private or voluntary sector, and in any country. According to the size and nature of the organization, The ISO 37001 is a flexible tool, which can be adapted and the bribery risk it faces.

The ISO 37001 standard, issued October 2016 is designed to help the organization work and maintain an effective anti-bribery program. The ISO 37001 standard provides a number of independent requirements around the world well known for the fight against bribery. The Standard deals with corporate bribery and bribery organization.


To run the program in accordance rate significantly reduces the risk of malpractice, by inserting control points there it’s worth it. In addition, ISO 37001 is not just focused in preventing bribery, but also in dealing with it effectively if possible. In addition, various other stakeholders collaborated on ISO 37001, including experts in various fields; legal, consultative, and research committees; and academics and governments.

The introduction of best anti-bribery strategies – ISO 37001 that result in the guidance of bribery management programs and, Countries and governments around the world are currently evaluating the effectiveness of this ISO 37001 standard, and other countries and governments have expressed interest in requiring organizations to use this standard to participate in government contracts. i.e., Peru, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, and Mexico are currently showing interest in requiring the company to submit an ISO 37001 certification to participate in public procurement.

ISO 37001 is intended to help reduce the risk of bribery by an organization or other person acting on behalf of an organization. In addition, the use of this level allows organizations to demonstrate greater resistance to bribery through the existence of internationally known anti-bribery controls. ISO 37001 is considered a requirements standard that allows organizations that apply this standard.

The organization is required to have the following best practices and / or controls included as part of its bribery control plans:

  • Anti-bribery policy
  • Management leadership, commitment, and commitment
  • Human resource management and training
  • Risk assessment procedures
  • With due diligence on projects and outside business
  • Financial, commercial and contract controls
  • Policies regarding reporting, monitoring, investigating, and reviewing
  • Corrective action and continuous improvement of the bribery management system

The ISO 37001 standard requires the organization to apply its control measures effectively and equitably. The ISO 37001 standard, however, does not directly define what it means in a logical and harmonious way. Level broadcasts allow managers to use their professional judgment to create appropriate controls to prevent, detect, and respond to a number of bribes based on a number of factors, such as company level, size and type of contract, customer types (public or non-governmental, public or private, etc.), and value.

By using Global Manager Group’s latest ISO 37001:2016 Documentation Kit for Anti-Bribery Management System and its readymade ISO 37001 Documents which helps organizations combat bribery and promote an ethical business culture and get quick ISO 37001 certification.


Why ISO 55001 Manual is important for organizations?

The International standard for ISO 55001 is aimed at enabling an organisation to achieve objectives of standard through the effective and efficient asset management. The ISO 55001 standard provides a structured and well-researched approach to Asset Management which can be applied an organisation or it is beginning to obtain value from its assets for organization.


To establish and clarify the terms and conditions of the Asset Management System is the main purpose of ISO 55001 manual. The manual for Assets defines the implemented asset management system within the context of the organization. The asset manual also includes procedures or references for all activities, including Asset management system to describe companies’ compliance with the ISO 55001 standard.

During the ISO 55001:2014 standard implementation, a number of documents like ISO 55001 Manual, procedures, Exhibits as well as ISO 55001 audit checklists etc. are required and which is prepared by ISO Consultants so as to establish a good working system. The ISO 55001 manual is used to introduce this Asset management system to customers and other external organizations. The Asset manual familiarizes them with the controls that have been implemented, and assures them that the integrity of the Asset Management System.

What Is ISO 55001:2014 Manual?

The ISO 55001:2014 Manual or we can say Asset manual is the first level of documentation for implementing ISO 55001:2014 system. Any changes in procedures should be reviewed to ensure that there are no any conflicts in asset manual. The manual is a kind of document that describes how an organization implements ISO 55001:2014 standard. An ISO 55001 manual is useful for implementation for quick ISO 55001 certification.

Importance of Asset management

  • To manage the assets properly and get more out of their utilization while delivering added value to the business.
  • To support in the proper handling of processes and risks, this will lead to the improvement of current and future company performance for designing Asset management.
  • The implementation of AMS that observes with ISO 55001 that enables the organization to align its objectives.
  • The asset management objectives which leads the organization towards achieving its intended outcomes.
  • In both the public and private sectors of organizations, ISO 55001 applies to all assets, whether physical, financial, human or intangible.
  • And this assets are applicable to any type of organisation or within in any business sector.

Having known the importance of ISO 55001 Manual, it is expected that many organisations will now prepare and use ISO 55001 Manual to establish an effective system.

To fulfill total documentation requires for ISO 55001 certification, experts at Global Manager Group have prepared a ready-to-use and editable ISO 55001:2014 documentation kit which includes ISO 55001 Manual, procedures, Exhibits, sample forms, job descriptions, audit checklists, etc.  As today we are discussing about the manual, the advantages of ISO 55001 Manual for organizations are listed below.

Advantages of using readymade editable ISO 55001 Manual

  • The user can very easily modify the templates and create the ISO 55001 manual for their organization.
  • Editable ISO 55001 Manual saves time and money in implementing ISO 55001:2014 management system.
  • ISO 55001 Manual helps in designing an effective asset management system for fulfilling ISO 55001:2014 standard requirements.

Now ready-to-use editable ISO 55001:2014 documentation kit are available, which includes ISO 55001 Manual also. The editable Asset Manual helps organizations save time and money in implementing ISO 55001:2014 system. It also makes the entire process of getting ISO 55001 certification easy.

How Does ISO 14001 Certification help you Expand your Business Globally?

Making corrections

Sure you can grow your business in the local markets if you are a small scale vendor but if you want to enter International markets then you definitely need ISO 14001:2015 certificate that is accepted worldwide. Vendors and Consumers ensure environmental-friendly system before making investments in your product. Hence, ISO 14001 Registration is the way to go globally and set up your business online throughout the world.

The ISO 14001:2015 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that an organization can use to enhance its environmental performance. ISO 14001:2015 Certification is intended for use by an organization seeking to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.

Who wishes to enhance environmental performance, fulfill compliance obligations & achieve environmental objectives can implement this standard. ISO 14001:2015 is applicable to any organization, regardless of size, type and nature, and applies to the environmental aspects of its activities, products, and services that the organization determines it can either control or influence considering a life cycle perspective. ISO 14001:2015 does not state specific environmental performance criteria.

An organization with the help of an experienced ISO 14001 consultant can get ISO 14001:2015 certificate in an easy way by just following simple and easy steps directed by EMS consultant. Because a good ISO 14001 consultant must have vast industrial experience in the implementation of environmental management systems. ISO Consultants helps an organization in all ways to be ISO certified by preparing required documents based on the organizational study, focusing on all activities of an organization for the creation of reports, conducting internal audits to know the capability of an organization for implementation of standards. Arranges review meetings, in this meeting top management guides and resolves issues pertaining to an environmental management system. Finally certification audit by certifying body.

Benefits of EMS Certification with Experienced ISO 14001 Consultants:

  • An ISO 14001 consultant truly helps to expand your business globally with legal procedures and with a good reputation.
  • Ensures procedures are being performed as they are described in your documentation.
  • Ensure employees are trained properly for the tasks they are performing.
  • Review and take action to improve in the areas required.
  • Experienced ISO 14001 consultants can help in the Selection of appropriate auditing body for external registration.
  • Better relation with regulatory and licensing authorizations.
  • Take corrective or preventive action as required.


Completed BRC Packaging Certification Consultancy for Cambay Technopack Pvt. Ltd.

Cambay Technopack Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality, value-added folding cartons for food and non-food products packaging applications has achieved BRC Packaging Certification after completed certification audit taken by the lead auditor of BSI certifying body on 24th March 2019.

One of the most leading Certification Consultancy Company, has helped Cambay Technopack to achieve BRC Packaging Certification. To become BRC Packaging certified, Cambay Technopack has undergone a rigorous external evaluation process which includes the development of the BRC packaging system, a review of the management system documentation, pre-audit.

The BRC consulting team of has helped them by providing awareness and auditors training, prepared BRC Packaging documents like BRC manual, procedures, SOPs, audit checklist, etc., as per BRC Packaging Certification requirements. has been completed this BRC Consultancy project in given time frame by providing guidance, training, internal and external audit. By meeting the criteria of the BRC Packaging standard, organizations demonstrate to customers that they can offer products and services of consistently good quality.

About Cambay Technopack Pvt. Ltd

Cambay Technopack Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-quality, value-added folding cartons for food and non-food products packaging applications. Cambay is a one-stop shop that can handle all your requirements from structural design to production to distribution. The company engages with brand owners early on in the development process to understand their specific needs, and partner with them to create packs that stand out on the shelves and shape the customer experience.

How ISO 22000 Auditor Training Benefits You?

ISO 22000:2018, the international food safety management system standard that specifies the requirements to ensure safe production throughout the entire food chain, from the farm to the table, was published by the ISO on June 19, 2018

For all organizations in the food and feed sectors, regardless of their size, sector or geographical location, ISO 22000:2018 is structured to provide process improvements and its design offers a food safety control and prevention approach

ISO 22000 auditor training

Before establishing a good FSMS for quick ISO 22000:2018 certification, organization first needs to create awareness among its management and employees and interested parties. Nowadays, ISO 22000 awareness and auditor training is considered the best way to create awareness on food safety management system. It is also a good awareness tool for students, professionals and individuals to get complete awareness of ISO 22000:2018 system. Anyone can receive such training from anywhere in the world.

ISO 22000 Auditor Training

Certification Consultancy provides ISO 22000 auditor training in both online and offline mode. This ISO 22000 ppt presentation for awareness and auditor training is designed for the corporate professionals who may have a less active role in ISO 22000 implementation at the company, but still who need to have a general understanding of what ISO 22000 & what the company is doing about it in order to meet the ISO 22000:2018 standard.

Why us?

With the ISO 22000 ppt presentation kit, company is aiming to help to learn better Food Safety Management System implementation process and develop internal auditing practices for any small and big size organizations.

Certification consultancy allows its users to adapt and change the templates as per their requirements and create ISO 22000 auditor training presentation for their organizations. We are known for serving our customers with all the best efforts and with us, you are assured about your ISO 22000 Certification.

How ISO 50001 Training Helps You in Your Career?

ISO 50001:2018 is one of the most popular ISO standards around and it is gaining in importance. The reason is that it is helping organizations maintain a good energy standard that is accepted worldwide.

iso 50001 auditor training

To ensure that necessary competence is achieved, this is a direct requirement to provide ISO 50001 training, in order to achieve the necessary competence. The ISO 50001 auditor training offers organizations to get enable their staffs with the knowledge and skills required to audit of Energy Management System for compliance to ISO 50001.

ISO 50001 training kit available online that provides candidates with an understanding of the ISO 50001 requirements also as processes like service level management.

Benefits of ISO 50001 Auditor Training

The ISO 50001 Auditor Training helps improve your knowledge about the purpose and objectives of this energy management standard and has the following benefits:

  • It provides a clearer picture of the true meaning of the standard.
  • Helps you to better interpret and audit the ISO 50001 requirements.
  • Provides a clear direction while analyzing the reports to determine conformance of the firm with the ISO 50001 requirements.
  • Makes the process of interviewing the top management easier.
  • Provides the training and guidance necessary to make the evaluation of the objectives a breeze.
  • The planning and the process of audit along with generating a checklist can be daunting task. The ISO 50001 auditor training helps overcome any ambiguities pertaining to these matters.

How ISO 17021:2015 Documentation Kit is Useful for Accreditation of Certification Bodies?

ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 is an international standard which specifies the requirements for the competence, consistency and impartiality of audit and certification bodies of various types of management systems. The conformity assessment requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing certification have been developed jointly by the International Organization for Standardization and International Electro-technical Commission in order to build confidence in the certification bodies. On accreditation as per ISO 17021:2015 standard, certifying body gets global acceptance. It increases confidence in the certificate issued by certification body and competence of its auditors performing the audits for the certification of management systems. Inspection bodies have several benefits of implementing ISO/IEC 17021 system and getting accredited. ISO 17021:2015 Documentation Kit is a useful tool that helps in getting quick ISO 17021:2015 accreditation.

An ISO 17021 accredited certification body has a definite edge over competitors as it gives worldwide recognition and credibility. Other advantages of ISO/IEC 17021 accreditation include:

  • Improved efficiency, productivity and effectiveness in the overall certification operation
  • Improved level of motivation, co-operation, and quality awareness including competence
  • Greater control of processes and activities throughout certification bodies
  • Helps in analysis of data as well as perfect record-keeping
  • Provides guidelines and better control for maintenance of records, etc.
  • Establishes confidence of management and customers in the certificat
  • Increases customer trust as well as market share
  • Makes a better image as a quality certification body in global market

Like other international certifications, the ISO 17021:2015 accreditation for certifying body needs standard documentation. Such documentation must conform to the Requirements of Conformity Assessment of certifying bodies as per ISO/IEC 17021:2015.

Now, ISO 17021:2015 Documentation Kit designed by Global Manager Group is available to help certifying bodies and consultants in ISO 17021:2015 accreditation. The contents of this kit include ISO 17021 Manual, Procedures, Audit Checklist, blank sample forms and templates to fill up records and learn system requirements, sample risk templates to define risk area for the certifying body. A compliance matrix of ISO 17021:2015 requirements wise reference documents is also provided in the kit. So this makes easy for ISO 17021 consultants or any certifying body to establish linkage of standard requirements vs. documents provided in the kit.

This documentation kit is globally used by certifying bodies and ISO 17021 consultants. It covers ISO/IEC 17021:2015 clause-wise requirements for quick ISO 17021 accreditation. The ISO 17021 Manual provided in the kit helps to define implemented system, policies and how to follow standard operating procedures. This documentation kit is also helpful for certifying bodies to update their existing system as per ISO 17021:2015 requirements. One of the most significant features of ISO/IEC 17021:2015 documentation kit is its user compatibility. The complete set of ISO 17021 documents, including ISO 17021 manual and procedures are prepared in editable word format, so that the user can modify the document templates. The entire ISO 17021:2015 sample documentation is in simple English, so there will be no difficulty in understanding the contents of this ISO 17021:2015 documentation kit. The certifying bodies or their ISO 17021 consultants can update sample document templates as per their working system and create own documents for their company in only few days.

Why readymade ISO 17021 documentation kit is so useful?

  • Users can modify the readymade ISO 17021 templates of the kit as per their working system.
  • ISO 17021 consultants can create own documents for quick certification.
  • Procedures and formats provided in I7021 documentation kit can help in fine-tuning the processes and establish better control over management system.
  • Saves time and cost in documentation process.
  • ISO 17021 audit checklist provided in the kit helps to improve the system for ISO 17021 certification and to train all the employees for ISO 17021:2015 accreditation audit.

So, we can conclude that ISO 17021:2015 Documentation Kit is very useful for accreditation of certification bodies. It is a “must have” tool for all certifying bodies and ISO 17021:2015 consultants.

Successfully Completed ISO 9001:2015 Certification Consultancy at Vision Engg. & Casting

Vision Engg. & Casting, manufacturer and supplier of engineering parts and centrifugal casting has achieved ISO 9001:2015 Certification from UKAS accredited certifying body ISOQAR for implementing Quality Management System in their organization.

ISO 9001 CertificationOne the most leading certification consultancy company, has helped to achieved ISO 9001 Certification for Vision Engg. & Casting. During this ISO 9001 Consultancy, Vision Engg & Casting has got all necessary support like practical system awareness training, documentation preparation, implementation as well as help in internal audit as part of ISO 9001 consultancy project.

The project has been completed by within time limits and all ISO 9001 documents prepared like ISO 9001 manual, procedures, work instructions, SOP, forms and ISO 9001 audit checklist as per ISO 9001:2015 requirements. All documented information submitted has helped their employees to understand requirements of upgrading QMS as well as internal and registration audit, taken by lead auditors from ISOQAR.

By meeting the criteria of ISO 9001:2015 standard, Vision Engg & Casting asserts its ability to consistently provide a quality management system. This internationally recognised certification is now a true testament to Vision Engg. & Casting’s dedication to the highest levels of quality management and customer satisfaction.

About Vision Engg. & Casting

Vision Engg. & Casting is manufacturer and supplier of engineering parts and centrifugal casting for Aluminium Bronze Alloy Casting, Brass Ingots Casting, Lead Bronze Alloy Casting, Brass Alloy Casting, etc. They boast proven management techniques, up-to-date manufacturing methods, and technology in the production of high quality centrifugal castings.

Introduced ISO 22000:2018 Auditor Training PPT Kit

A popular website for readymade documentation and training presentation kits, has introduced new product name as ISO 22000:2018 Awareness & Auditor Training Kit to help organization for better understanding of updated Food Safety Management System (FSMS) requirements as per newly revised standard ISO 22000:2018.

ISO 22000 is the globally accepted standard for defining food safety management system that enables food industries to control food safety hazards and achieve business benefits. The ISO 22000 Certification is required proper training for system awareness that guide you for better understanding of FSMS as per ISO 22000:2018.

ISO 22000 auditor trainingTherefore, provides readymade ISO 22000 training PPT presentation kit for comprehensive understanding of food safety management systems and the auditor’s role in planning, conducting, reporting and following up on food safety management system audits. This ISO 22000 auditor training presentation designed and developed with aim to helps organizations in developing systematic approach, improved compliances, improved profitability and reduction in food safety hazards.

This ISO 22000:2018 PPT presentation kit includes following list of contents in it.

  1. More than 7 modules to cover various topics in more than 260 slides
  2. Reading material for participant to get detail knowledge on ISO 22000:2018
  3. Workshops and case studies to take exam for the participants
  4. More than 800 audit questions to audit ISO 22000 system
  5. Sample audit forms and templates
  6. Sample copy of certified ISO 22000:2018 auditor training certificate has introduced this product at very competitive price at just 450 USD with Free Demo to review content. Moreover, the information can be edited so that users can craft their presentation quite easily as well as prepare the entire training presentation fast which saves their valuable time.

Introduced ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Awareness & Auditor Training Presentation Kit

A popular website for readymade ISO documents and ISO training kit, has introduced new ISO 17025:2017 Awareness & Auditor Training Presentation Kit online for ready reference ppt presentation material to learn implementation and audit of Laboratory Management System as per ISO 17025:2017 standard.

ISO 17025 Auditor TrainingThe new version ISO 17025:2017 has been published by International Organization of Standardization (ISO) and International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) in 2017. For ISO 17025:2017 Accreditation in testing or calibration laboratories, it is required proper ISO 17025 training for system awareness that guides you for better understanding of implementation laboratory management system as per ISO 17025:2017 requirements. has designed readymade ISO 17025 Auditor Training Presentation Kit for developing awareness about ISO 17025:2017 standard as well as train employees for ISO 17025:2017 certification audit. The ISO 17025 training presentation kit is prepared by highly qualified business management professional team. The ISO 17025 awareness training presentation offers relevant information about laboratory management system requirements and documentation process as well as steps for accreditation. It contains more than 330 slides of presentation as well as hand-outs.

This ISO 17025:2017 training presentation includes following list of contents in it.

  • More than 10 modules to cover various topics in more than 330 slides
  • Reading material for participant to get detail knowledge on ISO 17025:2017
  • Sample audit forms and templates
  • More than 200 audit checklist questions to audit ISO 17025 system
  • Sample copy of certified ISO 17025:2017 auditor training certificate has introduced this product at very competitive price at 1200 USD with FREE DEMO. Moreover, the information can be edited so that you can craft your presentation quite easily as well as prepare the entire training presentation fast which saves your valuable time.