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How to Use the SA8000 Documentation Kit for Your Organization

The Documentation provides various tools and information for users of the SA8000 certification documents includes SA8000 manual, procedures, policies, committee meeting agenda, sample formats and audit checklists, which guides user to create quick documentation for SA8000.

This SA8000 Documentation kit by is intended to provide some interpretation and examples of application of the SA8000 Standard’s requirements for auditors and other users of the Standard. It is not intended to be comprehensive and does not include all matters of interpretation or implementation that arise when applying the SA8000 Standard to the workplace. Thus, this document is each a guidebook for auditors and a teaching tool for managers and staff who develops techniques for implementing SA8000 and observation in progress compliance.

SA8000 Documents containing following list of documents which are created as per SA8000 standard certification requirements:

  • SA8000 Social Manual- The manual will guide you to create Social Accountability Standard requirements like child labor, forced and compulsory labor, working hours, discrimination, health and safety, freedom of association and collective bargaining etc.
  • SA 8000 System & OHS Procedures- These procedures will help to define procedures for social accountability system procedures as well as occupational, health and safety management system procedures for effective system implementation.
  • Social Policies- This document will guide user to define policy that meet SA8000 requirements and management commitment as well as procedures to implement SA 8000.
  • Social Committee- User can use this document to define list of social committee, which includes list of members as well as information about work agenda.
  • SA8000 Formats / Templates- This section will help to maintain records as well as establish control for social accountability SA 8000:2008, using readymade templates given.
  • Standard Operating Procedures- SOP will helpful to write work instructions to link with operating work and social accountability issues in the organization, which takes care of all social issues arrived within the organization.
  • SA8000 Audit Checklist- Audit checklists are most essential part hence it is used to verify implemented system, More than 150 audit questions based on SA 8000 requirements will be very good tool for the auditors to make SA8000 Audit Checklists.