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Introduced Readymade HSE Documentation Kit with Requirements of ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018, which has already selling more than 30 international system reference materials and having global clients in more than 45 countries delighted to announce its new product HSE Documentation Kit which simplifies the process and reduces the costs of implementing an Integrated Management System (IMS) in line with ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards requirements.

Ready to use HSE Documentation kit is created by the team of safety consultant with highly expertise in implementing integrated management system with ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 requirements for many global clients. This IMS certification document contains well designed set of HSE documents, which are required for making Health, Safety and Environment system certification process easy and effective.

List of documents offered in HSE Documentation Kit:

HSE - 2018 Documents

  • HSE Manual
  • HSE Procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Exhibits
  • HSE Registers of Rules and Regulation
  • EHSMS system forms and templates
  • HSE Audit Checklist

The HSE certification documents can be a good tool to use as reference material as all the files and templates are in editable formats, which are written in simple English. The HSE documents will be very helpful tool for implementing health, safety and environment management system to any small and big size organizations during certification process. has provide this product online in very competitive price at just 499 USD with FREE DEMO to download list of documents along with clause wise mapping of the ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 requirements.


Re-launched QMS Medical Devices Documentation Kit based on ISO 13485:2016

The world’s most popular standard for medical device quality management has revised in 2016 by ISO. Global Certification Consultancy introduces QMS Medical Devices documentation for manufactures industries with reference of requirements of ISO 13485:2016 standard. Our medical devices documents are created by team of internal auditors and consultants with highly expertise in implementing QMS system for many global clients. The company announced to start selling it on website

The medical devices certification documents will be very helpful tool for creating documents for ISO 13485:2016 certification as well as to upgrade and to implement quality management system in medical devices manufacturing company. The product is readymade ISO 13485:2016 documents that will be delivered to buyer in .doc files (soft copy), which are easily editable. Such medical devices manufactures documents contain quality manual, mandatory procedures, SOPs, sample formats as well as clause wise and requirements wise audit checklists, which will help to create transparency and compliance with fair triaging legislation in Medical Devices documentation.

The Medical Devices Documentation Kit, which is available with free sample DEMO in .pdf format, can be purchased online at just 399 USD via secure transaction through Clients around the world have already used it and committed that they have completed documentation process in less time. The total documentation kit for ISO 13485 can be a good tool to use as reference or directly used with editing as it is designed in .doc format in simple English. For any organization going for upgrading their existing system or first time implementing Quality management system for ISO 13485:2016 certification, these documents can be easiest guide to understand implementation and documentation process as per updated standard for quality management systems in medical devices manufacturing organizations.

What is Requirement of Quality Document Control?

If a company desires to be International Standard Organization, it should maintain a high quality management system for documents. The QMS must address the following: process the varieties of documents, how to manage them and identifying the roles of who will approve, update and take away them. ISO consists of a family of standards that the International Standard Organization established. Its main focus is to develop a transparent set of procedures that guarantees quality results. Organizations should give elaborated documents of their process.

Identifying the categories of QMS Documents

Before a company will produce a QMS, it’s necessary to grasp what a document is. A QMS document should communicate data, it should be planned and dead and therefore the information should be shared. The organization should then determine the sort of documents that may be enclosed within the procedure. QMS Documents that may be enclosed square measure the following: technical specifications, diagrams/flowcharts, structure charts, production schedules and quality plans. Additionally, a document is in any format, as well as electronic, magnetic, paper or photograph.

Maintaining Quality Documents

Requirements that the organization documents however it approves and updates documents. In addition, the organization must identify who will oversee the documents. This person are liable for approving, change and publication the documents. Additionally, this person should record the date once he approved or modified the documents. Requirements that the organization use the foremost up-to-date versions.

Distributing Documents Throughout the Organization

The organization should document however documents are distributed. It should determine the employees who will be reading and using them. Additionally, the organization should determine wherever the documents are settled. That way, workers can grasp wherever to travel just in case they’ll ought to review them often.

Classifying Documents

The Requirements of QMS certification, based on which the organization will classify the documents. The organization must originate a class system. It should classify documents by name, catalog variety, version and serial variety, location and the way to retrieve it. The organization should document a way to take away or destroy the documents once they aren’t any longer required or superannuated. Additionally, required that the organization give backup ways for documents. It should document however it backs up the documents.