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New BRC Food Issue 7 Documentation Toolkit Helps Organizations Upgrade Food Safety System

January 2015 saw the British Retail Consortium (BRC) has released the new issue 7 of BRC Global Standard for food safety systems. BRC Food standard is a set of requirements for organizations on how to implement a Food Safety Management System to increase food safety, reduce costs and improve HACCP based hygiene practices.

BRC issue 7 manual

Download BRC issue 7 documentation templates

The BRC has estimated that BRC food Issue 7 will have a 30% increase of positive effects on the food organizations as compare to previous version. You can find the link resource to download Free DEMO of the Ready-to-use BRC Issue 7 Documents from, a world’s leading food safety certification and ISO certification consultancy. And you can purchase a comprehensive BRC Issue 7 food documentation toolkit that will help you document a best practice of HACCP and food safety system based on BRC Global Standard for Food (issue 7).

The BRC Food Issue7 Documentation Toolkit provides a set of pre-written templates that meet the BRC and HACCP requirements of the Issue 7 released in 2015. The BRC Food Safety Documentation Toolkit has been developed to encourage businesses, large and small, to develop their own ‘hygiene’ food safety management system.

Key templates offered in BRC Issue 7 Documentation Kit

  • A HACCP food safety policy as per requirements of BRC issue 7
  • BRC food safety system manual
  • 13 BRC procedures for quick implementation
  • Standard operating Procedures and work instruction
  • Process approach document to establish good working system
  • BRC audit checklist – more than 500 food safety audit questions
  • Sample blank and filled templates for record keeping

Benefits of this BRC Food Issue 7 Documentation Toolkit are:

  • Reduced costs
  • Saves maximum time in document preparation
  • Improved food safety performance and hygiene practice
  • Fulfillment of legal and moral obligations
  • Enhancement of company brand.

Food Safety is an ever growing imperative among food organizations. Global Certification Consultancy can help organizations meet the challenges of newly revised Issue 7 of BRC Food Standard. The BRC Food Issue 7 Documentation Toolkit is completely up to date and will help organizations improve on better HACCP requirements.

“The BRC Food Issue 7 Documentation Toolkit contains useful document templates for all types and sizes of organizations and accommodates diverse geographical, cultural and social conditions” Devang Jhaveri, CEO at Global Manager Group.

Purchasing the toolkit will provide an organization with uncomplicated documents which help them to achieve or upgrade BRC certification as per Issue 7. The BRC Food Safety Documentation Toolkit can be purchased immediately and downloaded at

Leading System Certification Documents Provider
+91 (079) 2656 5405

Leading System Certification Documents Provider

+91 (079) 2656 5405